We monetize CO2 savings

We measure, reward and report CO2 savings of individuals for organisations.

How it works

Download the Greencent app

Available for Android and iOS on the respective app stores.

A new generation loyalty system

Greencent rewards its users according to the same principle: 1 kg of spared CO2 = 1 greencent.

A new generation marketing tool

Users can spend their greencents either with our partner shops, restaurants and websites or with their employer, city or university on our marketplace.

We are


We always follow the principle:
1 KG of saved CO2 = 1 Greencent.


We refer to data from scientific and acknowledged institutions.


We make eco-friendlier solutions visible.


We support local economies.

Download the Greencent app and let your eco-friendliness pay off!

Backed by the EU, Stadt Berlin and Berlin Innovation Agency