Use employee mobility to

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How it works

Register as a <green>company</green>

Register as a company

Your employees download the app
Download Greencent at AppstoreDownload Greencent at Playmarket
<green>All possible means of transportation</green> are recorded

All possible means of transportation are recorded

Bus, bicycle, subway, train, tram: we reward your employees whenever they opt for eco-friendly means of transportation, and report their overall carbon footprint in mobility to help you comply with regulation
A <green>green mobility benefits</green> platform

A green mobility benefits platform

Greencent rewards them after the amount of CO2 they save
A <green>software platform</green> for corporate carbon accounting and employee motivation

A software platform for corporate carbon accounting and employee motivation

Create customized reports, view the activity of your users, manage your corporate benefits platform with offers for your employees can purchase with their greencents


We are

We always follow the principle:
1 KG of saved CO2 = 1 greencent
Based on official data
Based on official data
We make eco-friendlier solutions visible
Easy & fun
Easy & fun
Motivate your employees with internal rankings and challenges

Acquire and retain employees

Enforce compliance (CSRD)

Create great PR material

Reach climate-related goals

Get figures on employee engagement and CO2 savings in real time


We are pleased that we got to know Enée and his team through the EU project URBAN TECH and that he successfully brought our joint project “Integration of the Greencent bonus system into the regional mobility app LIMO - Liezen Mobil” into a second round of financing. We appreciate his professional, enthusiastic demeanor and commitment, and look forward to further developments.

Claudia Plank, MSc

Project manager
RML Regionalmanagement Bezirk Liezen GmbH

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